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Advertise your business on BowlingStats

Advertising on the Web is booming in recent years. The Internet is gaining increasing market share over other conventional media such as newspapers, television and radio. The challenge is real for companies wanting to position themselves above competitors.

You already have a website! Is it sufficiently referenced and visited? A link to this site from an ad on BowlingStats can only help to improve standings with search engines and increase visitor traffic. If you are not yet on the internet this is an opportunity for you to be known by your potential customers.

Many benefits available to you by announcing your business on the web:
  • Instant broadcasting;
  • Access to your website by clicking on your ad space;
  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;
  • Accessible from anywhere on the planet;
  • Less expensive than the distribution of paper documents;
  • Up-to-date information instantly;
  • Better ranking of your website in search engines like Google and Yahoo.


Visibility Price
(170px X 100px)
(170px X 200px)
On all page of the website $800 $1400
On all pages associated with leagues from the state/province of your choice $300 $525
On all pages associated with leagues from three cities of your choice $100 $175
On all pages associated with the league from your choice $50 $85

Your ad will be displayed for a period of one year. It will be displayed alternately if too many ads are found on the same page.

We can set up an introduction page for your company by clicking on your ad ($150).

170 pixels X 100 pixels
170 pixels X 200 pixels